Shot Clock

from by Tall Mark

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First time writing a rap. Not sure why there are so many gun references considering I'm Canadian.


It's like a
bomb's tickin' up in my head
I'm startin' to see red
maybe I should've stayed in bed instead

I gotta figure it out
live my life
do it right
with eyes locked on straight sights

feel the pressure
come and hit the threshold
uncover myself
who I am
and find my gold
before I get old
man, I just wanna be young
is that too much to ask for me
'cause it's never been done

it's how
shooting a gun is like losing the one
understanding what it's like to go on with none
and I'm stunned
as I sit and stare at the chase
all of the wage couldn't break my way out of this cage

sad thing is, man
y'know, it probably could
but does satisfaction happen if you think it's no good

just wanna understand
wanna live my life
keep up the fight
do it right
with eyes locked on straight sights

just wanna figure it out
open my mouth
wiggle my doubts
and reload

if nothing's perfect
then why do we practice
what are we after
what is this hack mess
and who is this actress
pourin' her life away
gag a day
give it all for another person's story

it's a foray
on all life's innocence
gotta make some sense
my two cents
here for a little change
man, am I derranged

but here's a look what I've done
pulled the trigger to my lung
breathin' my thoughts out into a sweet lyrical rhythm

turn ambitions into missions
I am stricken with provision
and as long as I'm efficient
my rendition's ammunition

shoot my vision in a prism and it's more than none
lock my body in a prison and I'm halfway done

just wanna understand
gotta live my life
keep up the fight
do it right
locked eyes on straight sights

just wanna figure it out
wiggle my doubts
open my mouth
and explode


from Here's A Thought, track released February 22, 2017
recorded February 21, 2017
written February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Tall Mark Vancouver, British Columbia


I am tall.
My name is Mark.
I make music.

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