Pork Hercules

from by Tall Mark

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Sometimes, as I’m falling asleep, I think of a good song idea. I use my phone's voice-dictation software to write it down without disturbing my sleep. Sometimes voice-dictate works. This is one of the times when it didn’t work.

The next day, I checked my phone to find "Pork Hercules, porky leaves."
The song had to be done.


Porky the pig has a secret life
His uber-pinkness helps him a lot
By night he morphs into Hercules
A superhero of highest order
He's what's known as a super porker

Hercules the super-pig
Rights wrongs, conquers evil
Hercules the super-pig
A hero for the people in pink

Porky the pig saves fluffy kittens
He fights the monsters from under your bed
(Pork) Chops dogs with his wee pinky porky snout
Fills the bad guys with his Hercules dread
A good pig through and through

Hercules the super-pig
His city's proud 'cause he brings home the bacon
Hercules the super-pig
A hero for the people in pink

Hercules the super-pig
Fluent in both English and Latin (Pig Latin)
Hercules the super-pig
A hero for the people in pink

Villains run when they see him coming
He's a workaholic super-dancing super-duper pig
With his super-swine powers turned up to super-high
But if he thinks someone is watching, then he's gone on all four trotters
So don't you call out his name

Pork Hercules, Porky leaves


from Here's A Thought, track released February 27, 2017
recorded February 27, 2017
written February 26, 2017

co-written by Amanda West



all rights reserved


Tall Mark Vancouver, British Columbia


I am tall.
My name is Mark.
I make music.

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