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Is having punctuation in the title going to break computers?
Have we fixed that since 1999?
That is the only thing on my mind as I upload my first song.
Also, why did my hand-modeling career never take off?


This is the first time that
I've written
this song

I know it may seem like there's a plan
but I don't have one

There's quite the responsibility
on me
to be quick
with wit
and hooks to bring you in

This is the other part of the song
It won't last quite as long
But it's more catchy, you'll find
and, believe me, in good time
the urge
to splurge
on music of mine

(Oh, I get it; he's hypnotizing us through song to support his art!)

You're still here!
That's amazing!
I guess I can be entertaining
if I just listen to myself
and I forget what I've built up in fear

Back to the other part of the song (Again?)
You get my thanks for coming along (You're welcome!)
This ride/write/rite I've made
you're now my slave (What?)
and we are almost done
But first
a pensive
third verse

Maybe one day I won't have to sing about this
And by this, I mean this song

I'll flow with ease
I'll see my dreams
with eyes open

Off the top of my head
I'm glad I'm not dead
I've got a family
that mostly believes in me

It could be worse
I could be stuck inside a hearse (You just used that joke!)
alive (Oh, ew.)

One last promise to you, my dear
The rest of the songs on the album will be more clear

(You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep.)
I'm sorry.
(You're so Canadian!)


from Here's A Thought, track released February 4, 2017
recorded February 3, 2017
written February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Tall Mark Vancouver, British Columbia


I am tall.
My name is Mark.
I make music.

Everything presently priced at pay-what-you-want.

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