The Unfinished FAWM 2018

by Tall Mark

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My goal was to write & record 14 songs in the 28 days of February.
For a second time.

I did it last year, but this year, between all my glorious live shows, I just couldn't find the time or energy to do all 14 in a month. I want to continue to upload the songs I wrote within the month of February, and maybe an extra one or two, but who knows if I'll get around to it. For now, consider this a 3-song EP, with a price to match. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Songs that went unrecorded that may appear in the future, or at live shows:
+ An Ode to Broken Dishes
+ Platitudes

Follow along with this album's creation on social media - @tallmarkmusic everywhere usernames are accepted.


released February 28, 2018

all tracks written, performed, and produced by Tall Mark


all rights reserved



Tall Mark Vancouver, British Columbia


I am tall.
My name is Mark.
I make music.

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Track Name: (I Will Never Understand) Sports!
​Sing the anthem
Toss the ball
Stand around and then
Toss the ball

Eat some food
Stand around
Watch commercials
Stand around

Halftime show
Pop music
Hoping for
Another nip slip

Stand around
Stand around
Kick the ball and then
Run around

Run around
Run around
Get it in the goal!
Get it in the goal again!

A second time!

But that one's only worth one point
Track Name: Rickety Wheel
​Stumblin' around through the land of the bars
Tryin'-a walk straight in this concrete backyard
Glaring down the road, and pray to God I don't get frostbite

I made it to the pub at half-past-noon
Shot after shot, singing karaoke tunes
And now I'm hopin' for a-Main Street, I can see my bedroom tonight

So walk me home like a loose wheel
Walk me home, so I can start to heal
Hey, someone walk me
Walk me home in the wind and the rain
Walk me home or you won't see me again
Hey, someone walk me

Tryin'-a make small talk as I paid my bill
The waitress couldn't understand my absolute shill
So I settled my tab and left out the door face first

Oh, cold dark roads keep a-knockin' me blind
There's a tattoo on my body that I have yet to find
And I spent a half-hour petting a darn cute... rock

So walk me home 'till I'm warm and dry
Walk me home, I'm so cross-eyed
Hey, someone walk me
Yeah, walk me home 'round the curve and the bend
Walk me home, this can't be how it ends
Hey, someone walk me

Found myself in a park, eating some chips
I don't know where I got 'em, let alone this garlic dip
If anyone were around they'd be staring at me
As I sung Safety Dance with a big oak tree

I gotta get a move on before the sun
I hear my bedroom calling my name and I know this is no longer fun
And if I die at home, at least I won't smell like the street

So walk me home 'till I'm safe in bed
Walk me home so I'll wake up not dead
Hey, someone walk me
Oh, walk me home, I'm feeling weak
Maybe just a minute take a nap in the street
Hey, someone walk me

So walk me home, lost my common senses
Walk me home, I'm under influences
Hey, someone walk me
Walk me home, I'll hurt in the morn'
Walk me home, look- I'm a unicorn!
Hey, someone walk me
Walk me
Track Name: The Backwards Song
​Sometimes I do things backwards
and sometimes I get things wrong
I put myself through way too many challenges
and so I wrote this backwards song

You might say, "Tall Mark, this song it is not backwards"
To you, I say, you're wrong
For while you think this song's a simple matter
I've been right-handed all along

Now that my joke is over we certainly can agree
that this music is much better when I'm not pretending to be
Westley from Princess Bride, did you pick up on that reference?
It inspired this crooked little song

You might say, "Tall Mark, then this song's no longer backwards"
To you, I say, you're so bloody wrong
For if you thought I'm not that great an actor
I've still been left-handed all along